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Our Worship Experience

Early Methodist circuit writer!

    Just like the early Methodist circuit riders who helped organize churches and led worship in a variety of places, dedicated GMC pastors travel to Austin to worship with Austin GMC each weekend until we receive our own pastor! We are blessed to be part of The Global Methodist Church which is so supportive of all of its churches! We have 100s of GMC holding us up in prayer!

At Austin Global Methodist Church, we offer a worship experience that is based on Scripture and follows the traditional Wesleyan teachings. Our services are designed to inspire, uplift, and encourage you in your spiritual journey. Join us as we worship together in a warm and welcoming community of faith.

We are blessed to have 3 different guest pastors the next 3 weeks!

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2024-02-18_1_b4 worship (10).JPEG
2024-02-10_Last Saturday Twin Lakes (8).JPEG

Love this photo of Dr. Jack Daniels, a man of great faith, knowledge & humor!

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