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Easter Sunday was a celebration of Christ's
Resurrection and what it means for each of us!
Join us each Sunday as the story continues!

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Sunday the 14th will again have

the dynamic piano-violin duet

of Helena Aung & Xun Xu!


AGMC On-Line Giving
Now Available
on the Giving page!

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AGMC MAY Mission Project is for Malawi, Africa - basket at church for donations of Bandaids, Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen!

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Bandaids (3).png
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Malawi details

on Mission page!

Blue Skies
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2024-03-31_3_Processional (35).JPG
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A Few of Our Easter Sunday Smiles!

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Robertson, John & Martha (4).JPG
Daniels. Dr. Jack (9).JPG
Danny & Patti (1).JPG
Travelstead. Becky (10).JPG
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